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Call Us: (620) 241-9900

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Satellite Internet

You have probably been constrained with slow internet connection speeds or you are in a region that is not yet accessed by the dial up connection internet service providers. We present you with the best solution for accessing the internet irrespective of your geographical location. With our satellite internet services, we offer increased speeds, wide range and increased reliability whether you need internet for home entertainment or for business purposes. With the cutting edge technology we use, we are able to get you connected at any place and any time at extremely affordable rates. Get in touch with us if you need such reliability with your internet connection.

Satellite Internet Plan A

10 GB AnyTime Allowance

20 GB Monthly Data Allowance

10 GB Bonus Bytes

10 Mbps Download Speed


Satellite Internet Plan B

15 GB AnyTime Allowance

30 GB Monthly Data Allowance

15 GB Bonus Bytes

10 Mbps Download Speed


Satellite Internet Plan C

20 GB AnyTime Allowance

40 GB Monthly Data Allowance

20 GB Bonus Bytes

15 Mbps Download Speed


Why we are the best in the market

It is tempting to consider other providers when it comes to satellite internet services but none of them will give you the experience, affordability and reliability you will get from us. We are proud to have the most powerful communication satellites in the world and with these, you are guaranteed of quality services with our packages. With our lightning fast speeds, you will have the pleasure to stream music and video, download and share files in a free and easy manner. Not only will these but in case of any problems, our dedicated customer executive team offer you any assistance you need with regards to your connection at any time of the day or night.

Choose a plan that fits your needs

Unlike the dial up connection internet service providers, we give you a lot of flexibility in the sense that you only choose a plan that will perfectly suit your needs for internet. Our satellite internet services have been designed in such a manner that they will meet your unique needs whether you need them for home use or if you need to speed up communications in your business place.

Minimum 39

  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 5mbps Download
  • 1mbps Upload Speed
  • 10 GB Monthly Data
  • 5 GB AnyTime Allowance
  • 10 GB Bonus Bytes

Medium 79

  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 10mbps Download
  • 2mbps Upload Speed
  • 30 GB Monthly Data
  • 15 GB AnyTime Allowance
  • 20 GB Bonus Bytes

Maximum 129

  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 15mbps Download
  • 2mbps Upload Speed
  • 40 GB Monthly Data
  • 15 GB AnyTime Allowance
  • 20 GB Bonus Bytes

There is a lot of joy to be derived from using a fast internet connection. It allows you to browse faster, stream media and enjoy the entire internet experience. If you are looking for such a connection, you can count on us here at for the perfect internet experience. As one of the leading satellite internet providers in the country, you are in very capable hands once you subscribe to our service. We have a powerful combination of features that are hard to find from a single provider. Our services are extremely affordable, totally reliable and we also have a lot of industry experience that allows us to offer you the best services.

Our service

When you are looking for an internet service, you want a service that is reliable. We are able to offer you exactly what you need because as one of the leading satellite internet service providers, we have invested in the latest technology. You can count on a fast and reliable service from us because the internet signal is sent from space directly to your satellite dish receiver. With such a set-up, it means that there is very little or no interference to your signal.

When using satellite internet, all the problems caused by physical factors are eliminated. Instead, you receive a consistent and smooth internet connection all the time. If you have ever used dial-up connections, you must have suffered an outage as a result of broken down phone lines. Satellite technology has no such disruptions and you can count on a trouble-free internet experience.

Having been in the business for sometime, we have gathered the necessary experience required to offer you a great satellite internet experience. We have in place a customer service team to assist you in case you have a query or wish to gather more information about our packages. We also understand that as soon as you subscribe to our service, you need a fast connection. For this reason, we have a team of highly skilled technicians to undertake a free installation within a short period of time after you sign up for our service.

Our affordable packages

If you are looking for a good reason to join our service, you will find it in our packages. We have ensured that no matter what your internet needs are, we have you covered. Our packages are meant to cater for all internet needs. Whether you need a connection for just one computer or for several computers, we have the right plan for you. Our Satellite Internet Plan A is a good choice for you if you are not a heavy internet user. For $49 per month, you get a generous 20GB monthly data allowance that also includes 10GB Anytime allowance. This package also comes with extremely fast internet download speeds of up to 10Mbps. In case you want a higher package, the Satellite Internet Plan B offers you 30GB monthly data as well as 15GB Anytime allowance for $79 per month.

In case you are a heavy user of the internet, the satellite internet Plan C is your best option. This package offers you a huge 40GB of data that also includes 20GB of Anytime data. For $99 per month and extremely fast download speeds of up to 15Mbps, this package offers you absolute value for money.

If you want to experience faster file sharing, download of videos or conduct video chats, our service allows you to do so easily. We welcome you to contact our dedicated customer service team for more details.

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